Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a brave moment

I will preface this story in telling you that I do not like spiders. Killing them is definitely not my favorite. In fact, I have been known on many occasions to put a Tupperware container over a spider or undesired insect, with a post-it note saying, "please kill me!" Thankfully, my mom is a trooper and kills all of them for me. Way to go, Mom!

So tonight I was driving back from the small group that I co-lead at my church. It was raining pretty steadily and I had turned off the music to hear the sound of the rain. As I drove the "silver bullet" (the name I affectionately call our van) down the driveway of the church, one of the lights lit up my van in such a way that I saw a line hanging off of my rear view mirror and a thick, white spider dangling at the end. At first I thought that it was my imagination because I didn't see it after I passed the second light. Weird. Then I made the mistake of letting my imagination get to me and began to wonder if it was crawling on me somewhere. Shudder. Deep breath. I stopped the car, turned on the light, and found the spider crawling around on my dashboard. Phew, at least it wasn't on me. I gathered up my courage and killed the darn spider. I did have a minor freak out after that occurrence, but it was a brave moment for me.

I'm thankful that God gives us just the amount of courage that we need in those moments, regardless of the magnitude of the situation. This little incident will remind me to have courage in tougher circumstances...for if God cares about giving me strength to kill a disgusting spider, he will certainly be there when I am struggling with something bigger.

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Mom said...

Wow, Esther, I am impressed! I know how much courage that took for you! Does that mean that I won't find Tupperware containers saying "Please kill me" around the house anymore? :-) Anyway, I will still be brave for you when you need me!