Friday, September 11, 2009

33 years

I am breaking this blogging hiatus to celebrate my parents' 33rd anniversary. They are an incredible couple...a fact that I've been re-realizing this past summer. Plus, I'm in the "marriage" mindset after rejoicing with Eric and Rachel as they got married last Saturday. More about that later on.

Thirty three years ago today, my parents got married in a quaint parlor at Big Tree Inn. They had only know each other for 9 months and had decided to get married because God told them to. They were not madly in love, which is a necessary ingredient of marriage as defined by my generation. God had orchestrated events and had woven their lives together in such a way that they figured they should obey God and get married. This story always baffles me because I can't imagine marrying someone I was not head-over-heels in love with and barely knew. Their interactions over those months were few and at many points during that time, each wondered what God was up to. He had quite an adventure for them in mind.

It has been neat to take a front row seat to their marriage, especially this summer as I have returned home. They have worked at establishing a Christ-centered marriage and raising three dynamic children, who would follow all that God has for them. I have seen a deeper commitment in both of them as my mom has struggled with her sickness. My dad is more attentive and supports her as she aims to walk in public places. They take time to listen to each other and then be a voice of reason and wisdom for each other. They also have taught me that marriage is for a every circumstance and season.

So cheers to their 33rd Wedding Anniversary! May there be many more to come!

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