Monday, June 8, 2009

scattered thoughts on a rainy day

I love rain.
the smell.
the sound, especially as it hits the leaves.
the sight.
the little droplets that bring miracle to the soil.

Today, it brings refreshment, peace, awareness, inspiration, and restoration. It is therapeutic and soothing for my impatient attitude and my state of transition.

It always seems to rain and storm in movies when something bad happens. Have you ever noticed that? The thunder clatters while the lightning sears the earth, just as someone brings bad news about a loved one or someone dies. Even outside of the movies, people seem more moody when it rains. The sun is not shining, apparently giving people a good opportunity to complain...that is until the sun is shinning, but too intensely, so the complaining starts all over again.

As I sit on my front porch steps, I am overcome by the joy that rain gives me, as well as, the hope for green days ahead. Instead of seeing rain as making things wet and miserable, I see it as bringing restoration to the thirsty ground. This mentality seeps into why I love to listen to people's gray days, seasons, parts of their lives. God has given me the ability to see the good and speak it forth. We all have areas of uncertainty in our lives...gray spots that cause us to question and lose sight of the big picture. No matter how dark the day may seem, we must live in the moment and be able to sift out the bad to take hold of the good. There is something good to be brought into every moment and experience, for we serve a God who brings refreshment and restoration.

Thank you for reading these scattered thoughts, and blessings to you as I enjoy the gray, rainy scene before me. Oh, what peace.

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