Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Day of Classes

The campus has come alive. There are buds on the trees, daffodils opened to the sun above, tulips beginning to bloom, and birds excitedly chirping as if they were telling stories of their journeys the past months. People are walking with a spring in their step, while sporting clothes that have been stored away all winter. Smiles light up the campus, hugs are tightly given, and shrieks of joy are heard as friends greet each other like long lost relatives, having finally come out of the cave of winter. It's an 80 degree day...girls are laying out on blankets and try to look sexy as the boys throw frisbees and baseballs while trying to look buff. Couples of newly defined relationships hesitantly make their entrance into the outside world as friends on bikes and roller blades whiz by, looking sporty in apparel.

As the breeze gently goes through my hair, I am thankful. Looking back on the was my last day of classes and the anticipation of graduation is now running full speed ahead. I had lunch with Amanda, a friend from freshmen year, and I asked her how she had changed throughout the past four years. We both agreed that we had formed a clearer idea of who we are as individuals and had become more open to other's ideas and viewpoints. Listening to other people share has strengthened my own convictions, yet, at the same time, has caused me to think deeply about issues. Though it is a continual process, I am content with who I am. I do not have the desire to be anyone else or be anywhere else. God has appointed me in this place for this moment, and content in this place, I will be.

Dr. Suess once wrote, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." I am so glad that these four years happened the way that they did and I am eagerly awaiting for what God has next. For now, my gown hangs in the closet as I attempt to concentrate on the two finals and two papers that I am facing this week. So, back to work I must go!

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