Sunday, March 1, 2009

Central Wesleyn

There are times when I underestimate the power of dance, primarily dance as worship. I got the opportunity to dance with a couple friends at Central Wesleyan Church last Sunday. It was a freeing experience to enter into worship with the congregation because they were so welcoming. Dance in the church is quite controversial at times. Anyway, one of the worship leaders had written a song about freedom and was performing it as a special for the service. He asked me to improv to it. It was the first time in a couple of years that I was able to improv by myself in front of a church. When I danced that morning, it felt as though I was dancing in a giant living room. It was just me in my element of worship, blessing the heart of God and entering into perichoresis--the dance of the Trinity. There just happened to be hundreds of people in the room with me. We all were able to experience a different aspect of God through movement.

After both services, people told me that the movement was powerful and helped them connect with the message of the song more. Even though I thanked them, I still doubted the power that can be released through dance. I went back to that church this morning and met a woman who challenged my doubt. She said that watching dance created a bridge between her and God that enabled her to enter into a deeper level of worship. There is power released from the Holy Spirit when we dance for an audience of one. It is reassuring that God uses what we do inspite of our doubts, fears, and insecurities. We are to be willing vessels for His use, and He will do the rest.

We should never underestimate the life our gifts can bring to other people, whether we feel that they are a blessing or not. Each of us has something to give. Each of us are impacted by the gifts and talents of other people. So let the doubting cease and let us set our minds on the capabilities He has placed in us to bless the family of Chirst.

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