Sunday, March 29, 2009

5 weeks

It finally hit...
the sudden feeling of leaving and the gut wrenching tears.
It happened in my place, the back right corner of the chapel.
A place that has become precious.
A place where I feel free to express who I am through dance in worship.
A place where I've met with God in an intimate, tangible way.

It finally hit...
the gift that dance is.
I sat in my corner and watched as a couple Sacred dancers moved to the rhythm of His Spirit.
What a beautiful image of giving your whole self in worship.
What intimacy is created by letting God move through your body.
What raw, authentic worship is depicted through the movement.

It finally hit...
graduation and leaving a place I have called home for four years.
Knowing that Hope College will continue on as it did before I ever came.
Interceding for God to keep awakening this place with new revelations of who He is.
Praying that I was able to be an encouragement to others.
Realizing that I was exactly who God wanted me to be during these years.

I have no regrets. Thank you, Father.

My corner...a picture taken from the balcony last year.

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