Thursday, February 26, 2009


Have you ever found yourself in a season of not being yourself? Like someone failed to let you know that you have switched bodies with a robot. You go through the motions without engaging in them and relationships become purely functional. I have been in this weird place for the past month. One of the chaplains at Hope spoke about being in this state, which he affectionately calls "funkville." He said, "It not a place, but a period of time in someone's life that everything seems is out of feel that you're the only one in funkville...but know that it is part of the human experience." Funkville is marked with feeling out of your ordinary, needing a fresh revelation of who you are and who God is, questioning your purpose, and neglecting yourself and friends but not being able to blame time as the issue, it's you.

Today is the first day in a while that I feel like I'm stepping out of the muck and into a new awakening (and the sun is not even shining!). I don't have a headache causing me to be lethargic and I have a renewed sense of purpose. I can sing Sara Luneack's song, "Father, you are more than just enough, even when the times get tough. You're more than just enough." We were made to live intentional and victorious lives because He has redeemed us and has given us purpose.

If you ever find yourself in Funkville, it's alright. Don't feel guilty but rather breathe in deeply and say, "Be still and know that I am God." You will soon make it out...for God does not leave us to struggle on our own. He's faithful to finish what he has started and will bring it to completion when the time is right! Be encouraged this day!