Friday, November 21, 2008

a taste of grace

I am embarrassed to share this story, even though I know many people have been in my situation. On the way home from fall break, I was pulled over by the police for the first time. It was right before customs and the speed limit drops from 55 mph to 15 mph. I was gradually slowing down, but not enough. The policeman was standing on the side of the road and waved me over to a near by parking lot. Apparently I was going 40 mph in a 15 mph zone. Ouch. I held myself together as he asked me questions, looked in my eyes to see if I was wearing my contacts, gave me the ticket, and proceeded to tell me that it would be 6 points on my license. As soon as I pulled up the window and he left, I cried...something I vowed I would never do. We girls cry at everything! *rolling my eyes* Anyway-the rest of the trip was hazard-free, with the exception of slightly getting lost in Canada.

I did not know what to do with the ticket I had received. I got the courage to call my dad and then later, my mom. My roommate's dad, who is a lawyer, advised me to hire a lawyer and see what happens from there. I still shake my head at the fact that I, Esther Joy, hired a lawyer. After a month of filling out papers and feeling anxious, this is the email I got from my lawyer:


The charge against you was dismissed, for failure to prosecute, because the trooper did not appear at Court.

Thank you for allowing me to handle this for you.

What a taste of grace. This will be an experience that I will never forget.

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