Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Joel Peter

The last of my mini series...Joel is the middle child and 5 years older than me. He was the one who always seemed to be there for me when Eric went to college and then stayed living in PA. Like me, Joel often got in trouble for talking in class, due to his outgoing and friendly nature. He's handsome, funny, sensitive to others, and ridiculously smart. He has his Masters in Public Health and he was just published as first author for a research project in a neurology journal. Now, he is in his second year of med school, which is demanding all his focus right now. In the years to come, he will be an exceptional doctor!
Favorite memories of Joel:
-Writing songs and performing them in the living room with microphones, a keyboard, and sometimes costumes, to enhance the performance level of the song.

-Waking up in the morning to the sound of Joel practicing his violin before school.

-Watching him cuddle and do homework with Faithful, our beloved black lab.

-Getting ready for school together and hip-checking each other out of the way so that we could spit out the toothpaste.

-Going on dates to spend some quality time together. He even got paid early once so that we could go out! It was on one of those dates when he gave me an index card with "5 lessons I learned in college." It has helped me experience well-rounded college years.

-Educating me on current topics and challenging me to think about what I believe and why. Joel doesn't base things on emotion but rather rationalizes issues with logic and reason. We don't always agree on topics; I think that that's ok.

-Seeing Joel standing in my dorm room doorway and being so surprised that he came to pick me up at college. I will confess that I screamed just a little!

I'm so thankful for Joel, my brother and my friend!

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