Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My roommate and I like to walk downtown on 8th Street for some exercise and some quality time. We peek into the shop windows and occasionally journey into a store that has caught our interest. Teerman's almost always falls into the latter category. We could spend hours in this store and have. They have kitchen utensils and appliances, dishes, clocks, TVs, and more household items that you didn't even know existed until you saw it on the self. One particular visit, last year, sticks out to me because I found this shelf of framed quotes on it. The frames themselves were not that pretty or worth spending money on, but the sayings behind the glass were filled with insight and wisdom. One quote jumped out at me. It said:

True friendship comes when the silence between two people becomes comfortable.

I have found that there are few people in life who I can just "be" with. Being together with someone, not talking, not feeling the need to talk, and getting lost in thought. A lot of times in conversations, there seems to be a sense of urgency in the air to ask another question as soon as a moment of silence has arrived. We like to fill the spaces with sound to make ourselves feel more comfortable...anything to avoid awkward silences. Yet, lately, I have come to enjoy those breaches of sound...a chance to not say anything and yet still be in a nonverbal conversation with that person. Some of the most precious hang out times that I've had with my roommate are when we just sat next to each other, didn't say a word, and still had a deep conversation.
It reminds me of the song that goes, "You say it best when you say nothing at all."

So my challenge to you and myself is to not be so quick to fill the air with words and questions but to become more comfortable with silence...realizing that friendship can deepen without a word spoken.

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