Saturday, May 24, 2008

a night at the hospital

I spent 7 hours at Highland Hospital yesterday. Michelle Chapman was in having her baby. Courtney Harrington called me to see if I would take care of her 11 month-old while she helped Michelle. I agreed. When we first got to the hospital, Michelle and Tim were just hanging out. Michelle was hooked up to an IV that was filling her with pitocin, since she was two weeks overdue. I was surprised to see her relatively happy and not feeling any pain. We all walked around the hallway for a little bit until Courtney decided that she was hungry. By the time we came back from eating, there was an intense look in Michelle's eyes and I knew that things were getting more serious. The contractions suddenly increased. I only saw her have one really strong one and though it hurt her, it was neat to see the gentle way that Tim coached her and encouraged her. Once things got more underway, I left with Lila to walk the hallways and wait.

Michelle pushed for about a 1/2 hour and little Gabrielle Grace was born. She was 9lbs 6oz, 21 inches long, and boy does she have lungs! I heard her crying from down the hallway. Tim came out at one point and was just glowing. The delivery had gone well.

Courtney finally came out to get Lila and things for Michelle started to go badly. I heard her saying that she was getting faint. Then, all of a sudden, more nurses were called into the room and they started some procedures that made Michelle yell. I took Lila back from Courtney and Courtney was back into the room. Apparently, Michelle was losing a lot of blood and she ended up having to go into surgery after I left the hospital. Poor Michelle.

From what I heard though, Gabrielle is beautiful and has blond hair! It was strange to be so close to the experience and not see the product but I will see her soon enough! Please keep Michelle in your prayers as she recovers!

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