Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Dad

Today is my dad's 56th birthday! Funny how that age seems old but when I look at my dad, he doesn't seem that old! He's just my dad! The older my parents get, the younger I think the age is. They still seem young to me...a compliment to them!

My five favorite memories of my dad:

1. Realizing it is the first of the month and racing to see who will get the other "it" for the
month. I will always remember driving home, opening the door to the garage and seeing this sign light up saying, "YOU R IT!"

2. Singing a little song that we made up in the mornings before I left for school. He would usually leave while I was making my lunch in the kitchen or eating breakfast. That song still brings a smile to my face.

3. Seeing my dad sit in our blue living room chair, doing his devotions every morning. He is faithful to start the morning off the right way!

4. Dancing with my dad in the kitchen or driving with him as we sing Chris Rice's "Radio" song. We have our dancing skills mastered!

5. Waking up in the morning, knowing that my dad had made french toast and maybe even bacon! No one can beat my dad's french toast! :)

I have many more memories but those are a couple that stick out to me right now. I must tell you that I have a wonderful Dad. He's someone who I really respect and who I look up to as a Godly example. Throughout these years in college, I think we've gotten closer. I crave his approval, request his advice, want one of his protective hugs, and await for anything he (or my mom) send me in the mail. It will be fun to see him and my mom this weekend when they come to visit me!


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