Sunday, February 24, 2008


I looked up into the vast dark sky tonight and was able to see my three favorite stars, or as Scientists call them, the belt of Orion. As my roommate and I walked to the Gathering, I couldn't help but be filled with the awe of God as I saw those stars. Different memories some to mind of watching the stars: laying in the road, only to look up a little bit later and looking at headlight coming steadily nearer... or in my driveway, with my roommate from Chicago holding my hand so tight in anticipation for a car to come down my country road and into my driveway...or laying in the soccer field at camp or just looking up any night and be amazed all over again. Looking up at the stars has a way of encapsulating me with wonder and a peace that surpasses all understanding. The stars speak of His promise...He has everything under control.

This really struck me tonight, maybe due to the fact that this has been the most difficult semester of college for me. Homesickness has been continually knocking at my door, headaches have left me wanting to curl in a ball in the darkness and sleep, friends have been going through hardships, classes are stretching me and pushing me out into the realm of the unfamiliar...but in the midst of the whirling of life, there is a stillness...a place where I am met by the One who completes my heart. There in the quiet is a constant, faithful Father and friend who love me to no end. There in the silence, I am reminded of his promises to me, ones that I have hidden in the depths of my heart. There in the refuge, I am refreshed and redeemed. There in the grace, I am purified in the glory of the King of Kings.

If your soul is aching and your life seems to out of your control, get into your tent of meeting and seek Him. Let Him remind you of His promises like He reminded me tonight as I looked into the sky...for His presence is like no other.

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