Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was reading Augustin's Confessions for a class and some of this thoughts triggered me into thinking. How often are our eyes opened to what our friends have gone through by watching a movie or reading a story? If it's through the former, why does it all of a sudden seem real to us when we see it on screen?

This may not happen to you but it happened to me two summers ago. I was at a movie with two of my friends. One of the friends had recently had the tragedy of losing a loved one. Three quarters through the movie, a boy dies tragically. I will never forget the moment of sitting there watching the actors on the screen gather around the grave and wondering how my friend felt at that moment. It tugged at my heart and suddenly the compassion was real knowing that the friend has just been through that. A stream of light was shed on what this friend might have been going through.

How aware are we of what people are really going through? Even if we haven't gone through the experience ourselves, we can gain incite to how others around us have dealt with a similar situation. Take time and lend yourself to listen to someone else's story and experiences...you may be surprised or provoked by what you hear...

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