Friday, December 21, 2007

Nativity Story

I just watched The Nativity Story with my dad to help us get into the Christmas spirit...especially since we're having Christmas with Joel and Julie tomorrow. It was actually an alright depiction of the story we all hold so dear. My dad and I found ourselves discussing the facts and logistics of what happened...such as how the wisemen were not present at the stable but came to the house about a year later (Matt 2), if the gifts from the wisemen supported Joseph when he fled with his family to Egypt, did the star really shine like a spotlight down upon the fatigued couple in the stable...and the pondering and researching began until we both get tired (which occurred rather fast).
Keisha Castle-Hughes (an Australian, born in 1990, first discovered for her role in Whale Rider) and Oscar Isaac (a Guatemalan, born in 1980) played the roles of Mary and Joseph. They drew you into the times and the integrity and character that the real Mary and Joseph would have exemplified. I honestly can't imagine being in Mary's place...but at least in time, she had Joseph on her side. God knew just what she needed to make it through that trial.
My favorite part in the movie was when Mary and Joseph stopped by a shepard's fire to keep warm, just for a few minutes. This weathered man said to Mary, "My Father told me something a long time ago, that we all are given something...a gift...your gift is what you carry inside of you."
And she replied, "What is your gift?"

That pledged me...what is my gift? how can i use what God's given me to be a healing salve or an encouraging balm to others surrounding me?
And I must ask, "What gift did God place in you?"
Don't let it be dormant this season...give...

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