Thursday, December 27, 2007

My new favorite ingredient: almond extract.
I just made those candy cane cookies...and I can't say that mine looks even half as good as the picture in the Betty Cocker Cookie book, but they sure taste good. It's all about the almond, I'm sure of it. They are even better with a glass of milk...yum! The wonder and priceless effect of cookies and milk on a soul!
Baking can be so therapeutic. No one is in the house, the music is releasing sweet melodies, the kitchen floor is free to dance on, and the oven is begging to be used. Once the apron is on, a whole new world of ingredients and utensils are seen. By the end, there is the feeling of such accomplishment! There is actual evidence that I did something today...well, there is until the family returns and gobbles down everything. Still, there is a satisfaction that I made my family happy somehow...what an esteem booster! :)
Anyway-the buzzer is now ringing at full volume...I must take out the last batch!

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