Thursday, November 22, 2007


I love Thanksgiving at the Thompson house. It's the big holiday with my family because it's time when we are all under the same roof...Mom, Dad, Eric, Joel, Julie, Nana, Grandpa, and Uncle Greg. There are such precious memories surrounding this holiday like the years my brothers would have a roll eating contest. Eric's record was around 15 while Joel ate about 13. This was also the first Thanksgiving without Faithful, our wonderful black lab who had to be put to sleep after being with us for 14 years. We would always give her a full Thanksgiving meal...she loved it!

This year, I marveled in the fact that it was nice to sleep in my own bed and get woken up by my mom...we got to cuddle for a while and talk. Finally, I put on my glasses and wandered into the kitchen where I was met by my grandpa...who had been up since the crack of dawn. My dad worked on the Thanksgiving meal as I finished a book that I had started the night before, as Joel and Julie worked on a 3-D puzzle by the fireplace, and as my grandpa watched the football games (a sport that I don't fully understand the rules of and don't care who wins)...throw wrestling in there with my brothers, meaningful conversation, a lot of eating, and a lot of doing really nothing and you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

One of my dance teachers challenged me a couple weeks ago and said, "To whom much is given, much is required." That has stayed with me. And though I know that I have much required of me, especially with the end of the semester closing in, this day I am choosing to focus on all that I have been blessed with. I am blown away by the grace that I have received...Thank you, Father, for such a fulfilling day!

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