Monday, November 26, 2007


The desire to write has been developing in me over the past couple months. I've always liked to journal my spiritual life but something in me is being altered. I find myself writing on scraps of paper in the car or getting up from almost falling asleep to jot down the thoughts and insights that God gives me. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are a running commentary or a speech being spoken before a huge crowd of people...the latter may be because I would love to speak at a conference one day. My inspiration comes in seasons. Some days and weeks are not filled with anything to blog about...I still journal but there is no great breakthrough. Then there are days that I could write three blogs a day or have the idea that I could indeed write a book.

There are a couple people who have inspired me lately to write being Shauna Niequist. I'm currently reading her book cold tangerines...she writes with a genuine heart and eloquent language. The lessons that she has learned through her experiences are enriching to me. Shauna shares honestly and admits to her shortcomings humbling...this life is all about becoming who we were made to be. Another person who causes me to write is a friend's mom who blogs. I occasionally go to her page and take part in the insights to life that she has. There is wisdom gained through trails and what you do with experiences and emotions. She is one who asks hard questions and wrestles with ideas that require much thought. Funny how I can be so influenced by someone who I have only met on one occasion. The final person is my mom, a former English teacher. I secretly want her to write a book or at least right down stories of her life and what God has done. Even in her emails depicting events that have gone on in our family are brought to life through her words. Her wisdom and knowledge of the Word runs deep...she has so much inside that she needs to keep sharing. She is so gifted and I'm proud to call her Mom...

As I reflect on this frigid day, I am warmed by the fact that God has placed me right here in this moment to be impacted by other writers he has awakened. He's rising up this element of myself that I am new at and trying to become familiar with. Some of the words that I've written and the emotions I've expressed on those scraps of paper are so candid that I just shake my head in awe. When you begin to dig deep into the areas of your heart, you get more of a glimpse of who you really are and what defines you. This journey is not a deserted trail. There is a community of believers who can be challenged and influenced by one another through the use of words. May we begin to uncover the deep experiences and thoughts of the heart and stand back in awe of how intricate God created us!

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