Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quality Time

I've found that I'm someone who has the love language of quality time. My roommate, Laura, and I try to schedule dates so that we can have quality time...while I try my hardest to leave her notes of encouragement, since that is her love language. Anyway- today was absolutely beautiful (over 70), so we decided to stop our paper writing and studying for a date. We went to Wendy's, got food, and drove over to Kollen Park on Lake Macatawa. We sat in a little pavilion by the water, talked, ate, and watched the sun set. Those moments were filled with honesty about life, our excitement for the times ahead, and looking back to the blessings of the past.
Laura is indeed a treasure in my life. She is someone who I can be myself with. I am completely comfortable with her...after living with her for a year and a half, I should say so! Still, nothing I say is judged or read into the wrong way. She knows me inside and out...few people really do. I have a lot of friends but few who really know who I am. It's not that I'm not's just that there are those choice people in life who really get to peer into the dimensions of your soul. Those people are rare and precious. God has blessed me with this woman of God...and I am so thankful.

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