Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall in Upstate New York

Everyone should experience fall in Upstate New York. I was reminded of this this past weekend while I was home for fall break. I walked out to take out the garbage, with bare feet like a true country girl, and relished the crunch of leaves between my toes. My dad was out mowing the lawn...assembling the bits of leaves into lined formation in our yard. I waved at him and then returned back to the kitchen to take out the homemade cornbread out of the oven and stir the chili being warmed on the stove...a meal that exudes the essence of fall.
There is nothing like the beautiful colors of fall on a hillside of the country...the deep brown of the branches, the yellows, reds, oranges, and greens of leaves, and the contrast of the vast blue sky overhead. All details combined to create a collage of God's artwork. It even involves the forlorn black walnut hanging on a lonely branch, like the last sock on a clothesline that has been forgotten.
I wonder when it will finally fall.
Boy-I miss New York falls...but I know that I will be back in years to come to partake in the wonder of the changing seasons. The colors, tastes, weather, and sense of preparation all goes into making this season a perfect one. So enjoy where you are in life and praise God for fall.


nbtmail said...

That last lonely walnut that hung there for days has finally fallen in the wind and rain today. I wish I'd taken a picture of it hanging there against the sky. Some squirrel has probably taken it home already to save for a cold winter day. A brown or gray New York squirrel! (Not a black Michigan squirrel!) There's a beautiful sunset across the back field--wish you were here to see it with me.

Michelle said...

Beautiful description! If only it would remain fall (tomorrow it's supposed to be 80 degrees). So glad you found my blog. Now we can keep up despite the miles! Samuel says Hewo!

Blessings my dear!