Monday, September 24, 2007


Jesus, You are the only one that satisfies,

Yet so easily I look to another

And try to fight my own battles.

I thought I could be strong,

But I’m only getting lost in it all.

My weakened body lays defeated on the field,

Torn, battered, and bleeding.

I put my hands up in surrender and cry out,

“Father, I can’t do this on my own!”

Then I feel a tender touch,

See a caring face,

Hear a gentle whisper calling out my name.

Now salve is put on my wounds

And piece by piece I am placed back together.

I am refined, renewed, and refreshed,

All for the glory of your name!

Camp Shiloh 2005

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Biodegradable Cups and Majestic Thrones

Last weekend was a thought provoking weekend. God shook me a little and woke me from my robotic schedule that has been running my life for the past several weeks.
Sunday, Rob Bell (pastor at Mars Hill) spoke about the first woe to the Pharisees. Jesus confronted the Pharisees saying, "You clean the outside of the cup and dish but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also? First clean the inside of the cup and dish and then the outside will be clean." (Matt 23 and Luke 11)
We spend so much time on the outside that the inside is neglected. That's probably why we have such good looking people in the world with no character, integrity, or genuine love. We put on more make-up and buy more stuff to make ourselves look good...yet, we're rotting inside.
Cups were given to us as we walked into church, and Rob urged us to write down on the greed, wickedness, and self indulgent things that had seeped into our heart and had overflowed into our lives. What about you? What does your cup look like? Is it like the Pharisees' cups? I know I had somethings to write on that cup...then I put it at the foot of the challenge is to develop the inward man.

Later that Sunday night, Trygve Johnson (Chapel Dean at Hope College) spoke about Isaiah. he saw the throne on God...saw that he was unclean and cried, "Holy Holy Holy!" Who's been on your throne lately? sports, school, relationships? When you see who's on your throne, respond the way Isaiah did...go to the throne of God, fall on your face, confess, repent, and declare the holiness of the Lord.
I have been finding myself evaluating my life lately...and trying to figure out what really matters in life. I don't want to be the kind of person who looks great on the outside but is as shallow as a kiddie pool.
Deep and pure...centered on the majestic throne of God...and just being the person God created me to be...that's who I want to be.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thoughts on my heart

Do you ever question things that God has spoken to you in advance?
Have you ever met someone who made you doubt what you really wanted or made you lose track of what God had told you in the first place?
That somehow in our own accord we make something up that there is not or we just start to settle for something that is not God's best or according to what's really in your heart.
I get so wrapped up in life, emotions, friendships, schedules, and my own world that I lose sight to the writing God inscripted on my heart.

I realized tonight that I am in need of God to renew those dreams and words he has placed in my heart...especially in preparation for the future. Right now, there are all these distractions that are gaining my attention. What I really need to do is run to the Holy of Holies. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a woman who stored all things in her heart. I bet that when she saw Jesus getting beaten and nailed to the cross, the Father reminded her of the memories and prophecies He had laid on her heart years before.

My counselor at camp once told me to never lose sight of the dreams and words God had placed in me. What a good reminder that is...

What about you? Are there words you've let drift away in the whirlwind of life? Have you lost focus of what God had intended for you? Take some time in the next week and let God probe your heart. I know that I will be setting some time aside to get refocused and reassured in my walk with the Lord. My prayer is that you will regain life from God's words to you and that you will be renewed... to the Lord unhindered and in complete awe of His grace...for you will never be the same.