Saturday, August 11, 2007

some things are just beyond explanation and our control

The past two summers that I have been home from college, there have been two deaths in the Hope College student body. Last year, there was a girl who was found at the bottom of a waterfall...she had fallen while hiking...something that she loved to do. The other guy, I didn't know but I had friends that did.
I go back to school on Thursday...there have been no deaths... until yesterday and today. My friend Karen Linder left with her boyfriend, Sam Meenings, to go to his family's cottage in Michigan. They were in a car accident that resulted in Sam's death at the scene and Karen on life-support. Her parents flew into Iowa to be with her...then they took her off life-support at 6:00pm. She died within 2 hours...peacefully...
I knew Karen...she was a roommate to both my suitemate Katie and her sister Jeanne. She was in Sacred Dance with me. She had such a peaceful joy about her...she ran deep...

My friend Traci wrote this poem in memory of a boy we knew from Camp Shiloh. I was reminded of it could easily have been me that is no more...Karen and Sam were both 19 yrs old and ready to start their sophomore year of college...some things are just beyond explanation. Jesus, hold them...

It Could
What if it had been me instead of you that day?
What would have been the last words I'd say?
"Gee, mom, I love you" or "ease up off my back,
You always seem to yell at me and put me under attack."
Would the last thing people saw me do glorify my Lord?
Or would I be sitting round like the world looking like I was bored?
Would the last movie that I watched be worthy of my sight?
Or would it have been folks swearing up a storm and getting in a fight?
Would that last song I listened to have edified my mind?
Or would it have been a song the devil uses to bind?
What if it had been me?
Would I be satisfied with my life?
Would I be ready to go,
Or would I need to save one more life from strife?
What if it had been me instead of you that day?
Would I look at my life differently?
Would there be things I'd change?
It wasn't be that day,
sadly, it was you.
But throughout my life, in everything I'll do,
I'll ask myself, "Is it worth it?"
What am I living for, because tomorrow,
who knows...
it could be me that is no more.

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