Wednesday, July 4, 2007

days like these...

I love days like these...when I can sit in my family room with a cup of my favorite tea (mint medley with honey and milk), with the screen door opened to let in the cool breeze as well as the refreshing sound of rain. I love the sound of rain as it comes down through the trees and the distance chattering of birds. There's something so graceful and peaceful about it. Maybe that's why I like the country so much. The house is still. I take a sip of my tea and marvel as the beauty of God. So peaceful...
I then heard God whisper, "this is for you! I made this morning with you in mind!" He knows just how to make me smile and to display his love for me. I'm reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. It was talking about how God romances us.

Every song you love, every memory you cherish, every moment that has moved you to holy tears has been given to you from the One who has been pursuing you from your first breath in order to win your heart. God's version of flowers and chocolates and candlelight dinners comes in form of sunsets and falling stars, moonlight on lakes and cricket symphonies, warm wind, swaying trees, lush gardens, and fierce devotion (pg 116).

Even though there are probably many people who are disappointed about the rain on this Independence Day, I must confess that I have enjoyed this day entirely. I know that God made this morning as a love letter to me. He loves us personally and knows just how to show his love. He's the master of all love languages!
So how have you been blessed by Him? Are you aware of how He shows His love for you? It could be just small things such as hearing your favorite song on the radio or receiving encouragement from a friend. Be aware of these gifts of love, stay in-tuned to Him, and thank Him for displaying his glory and love in your life.

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nbtmail said...

It was a special morning, wasn't it! I'm thankful that your heart is attentive to God's love for you. "Dance with me, O Lover of my Soul..."